I’m getting the locks changed tomorrow.

Living in an old, creaky house from the 40s is creepy enough. What’s even creepier is realizing how some of your things are ever so-slightly out of place.

Earlier today, I moved out of my Portland apartment and back to university. Everything went well, despite my exhaustion, and I was ready to settle in. As I went out onto our back patio to toss out some trash, I looked into the bin and noticed one of my glass candle holders in pieces. It was strange, but I thought maybe one of my roommates had broken it by accident. No biggie. However, I asked K and she said it wasn’t her. Hm. Maybe it was L? Eh, I’d bring it up later.

I go about my afternoon, picking up my upstairs bedroom and clearing off my bed. As I’m hanging up my shirts, I realize some of them are out of place. Now, I know, it may seem possible that I put them there, but you need to understand that I have a very specific system with my clothes — I organize them by type, color, and hang them a certain direction. Today, a dark blue cardigan was turned on its hanger and placed among the dresses; 2 white tank tops are hidden among the yellow ones; The black cardigan is in front of the purple one. This isn’t right. I feel off, but put it from my mind because hey, despite my anal tendencies, I may have spaced out and set them there. (However unlikely that may be.)

I remember to ask L about the candle holder and she didn’t have any idea what I was talking about either. My skin prickled and I told L that I needed to show her the broken one in the trash at that moment. We took a flashlight, went out back, and peered in. There was the holder and as I lifted up some other trash, I saw something else out of the ordinary — a broken CD. I picked it up and it read “funk mix” in very scribbled writing. How this mix or my holder came to be in the trash can inside our tall, locked fence is completely uncertain.

We went back into the house to discuss when I remembered a few other details — one of my green curtains was missing when I was at the house last week (even after I remember very specifically folding it and placing it on my pillow), my other lanterns are no where to be seen; In fact, I think a whole moving box has completely vanished from my bedroom, and there’s this pillow on my bed. For awhile, I thought the pillow was K’s (as she had slept in my bed before she got hers), but it doesn’t belong to her. It was sitting on my bed last week or perhaps even the time before and she had used it because she thought it was mine.

All these things on their own would not be all that creepy, but add them together and I feel very odd. Who has been in my house, touched things only in my room, left a pillow, and took some of my least valuable things? I mean, really — my passport, hard drive and oversized headphones are in here. K’s computer has been sitting on her bed this entire time and L’s room is still mostly in boxes. Our doors have always been locked and K is here 90% of the time. What is going on here?

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  3. newcandles said: oh my lord that is disturbing. definitely get them changed! and be careful, maybe even set up a motion light outside. and talk to your closest neighbors. seriously sketchy.
  4. ahumanfly said: ghosts. i’m not visiting you at night. ps
  5. losemycool said: Do you have an attic or basement that you haven’t checked? You know, people breaking in to live in someone’s attic.. eek.
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    Seriously freaked out right now. My mind keeps trying to come up with logical possibilities but nothing is coming to me.
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