Had brunch in Brooklyn with these lovely ladies this morning plus the wonderful Ariel! This weekend was filled with good company, food, and solo adventures getting lost. One more night here and I’ll be gone in the morning :( Until next time New York.

So wish I hadn’t been so tired from work! But it was wonderful all the same <3

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Tennis – Needle and a Knife (10 plays)

These past few weeks have really had an impact upon me. I feel, admittedly, happier than I’ve ever felt.

(Forgive me if I ramble.)

But the combination of seeing my Portland friends, going to weddings, saying goodbye to my childhood home, succeeding at work, and having many heart-to-hearts with friends old and new has made it all click for me. I am happy. Simple as. And that’s something that would have been difficult for me to say even a few months ago. I feel like I’m telling the truth when people ask how I’m doing.

Other people have noticed this too. Over the course of these weeks, I’ve received more compliments than I can ever recall getting. It’s nice. It shows me that this happiness has spread beyond my internal monologue and hopefully is making others feel happier too. 

I must keep this momentum up. Because seriously — I kick ass and deserve all the happiness I can find.

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Look at her. Nicki Minaj#Anaconda AlexanderWangNY#nyfw #ss15 gvsgvs

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samira wiley for brooklyn magazine

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Wow so glad I came back from cool and fun Berlin to sweat to death in my apartment all weekend.

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sounds like some serious final boss music

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How to pick up a microphone FKA twigs style.


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