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How to Do Cute Eye Make Up When You Have a Tremor
By Beth for Powder Doom

Now I may not be down for creepy ‘omg disability is soo creative’ outlook. *-*-vomits internally-*-*-*. But I am down for bbs not feeling inadequate for not matching up to some ridiculous ableist standards that encompass everything from our standard of life to our eyeliner decisions.”

Writer and artist Beth shares her expertise on how to do cute eye makeup if you have a tremor - besides, cat eyes are boring anyway.

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Ahh this is so nice to read and that someone would even write this! I often get down on myself for not being able to do ~nice~ eye makeup because of my tremors (hence why you see me in mascara + lipstick only combos 99% of the time), but I shouldn’t. It’s not my fault my hands shake, y’know? 

(On a related note, I hate when people think my tremors are related to my nerves/anxiety/cold and poke fun at me about it. It’s been happening a lot more frequently too, sigh.)

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New York City - Snowstorm

Even if it’s sometimes awful to walk in, I love this city most when it’s covered in snow.

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i want ALL OF YOU to get in bed and watch this video, it is the most calming video of all time, i feel so at peace, i feel so protected and loved 

i have been doing this b4 lisa bc asian grandma rollerball life, but she made me do it for longer with more steps and i can already see how happy my skin looks!!! i don’t really use cleansing balms (not even my eve lom collection, maybe because i’m suspicious of how hyped it is?) but i massage it in with my face oils and serums. for this i use:

  1. I don’t have the glass roller things anymore (I gave them to my grandma) but I use a jade face roller that I put in the fridge. It does the same thing and it’s $7. 
  2. you can use cleansing balms (i like the REN one the best if I felt like switching my skincare right now) but i like using my dry oil face cleanser from Tatcha. Before I even use that, though, sometimes I just use coconut oil. It feels soooo nice. 
  3. i massage in my night serums. right now i have a hormonal breakout so i’m using this BHA Clarifying Serum which is AMAZING. in the morning i use Urban Detox as my moisturizer, it’s a great antioxidant. 


FKA twigs at Glasslands Gallery

So lucky I got to see this performance ughhh too amazing/beautiful

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